Some crowned the Lumix GX9 as the street photography king but is it really that good?

In the last couple of months we have been doing a lot of street photography and we are pretty much pleased with the results we see.

If we can call this a success it is partially thanks to the Panasonic Lumix GX9 which has been one of the best street photography cameras out there.

The GX9 is a compact mirrorless camera with 20 MP sensor and wide variety of functions to suite most street photographers’ needs. This is the camera we have been using with its kit 12-60 mm lens, as well as 24 mm fixed portrait lens by Panasonic.
And we have a lot of feedback to give about this little fellow so lets not waste more of your time and start with the basics.

Main Features
There are plenty of online reviews about the GX9 so we will be very brief and present you only the essentials about this camera:

  • Compact size and simple clean design
  • 20 MP Live MOS sensor on MFT mount
  • 4k video recording with up to 30 fps
  • Dual I.S. – Panasonic’s state of the art dual image stabilization, in-body and lens. 5-axis stabilization mode
  • 4k Photo mode
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Super-bright tiltable touch display and electronic live viewfinder (LVF)
  • 49 focus points

Street Performance

So, why is the GX9 so good on the street? Well, there are few major advantages that make this camera one of the best in its class.
First is the fact that it is super compact and relatively lightweight. Coupled with any of the awesome pancake lens available from Panasonic or Leica and the GX9 turns into a compact photography beasts.

Of course to capture great image requires not only some great skills but also a high-quality sensor. And Panasonic didn’t disappoint here. The 20.3 Megapixel micro four thirds sensor on this Lumix camera is one of the best MFT sensors these days. The same sensor is used in other of the company’s best-sellers like the G9 and the G90 (both pretty good cameras but not that much suitable for street photography due to the bigger body size).

Another huge plus of the GX9 in regards to street photo sessions is the 3-inch tiltable LCD touch display with high resolution and the tiltable LCD viewfinder. These two options make the positioning of the camera quite flexible and getting the perfect angle when shooting with it was quite easy most of the time. Of course some would prefer fully articulating screen but remember that it usually increases size and weight so skipping this option was may be a smart move by Panasonic.

Well, it is not all perfect in the GX9 and here are few of the downsides we managed to notice during our photo sessions with it:

  • Short battery life – the kit we bought had additional battery and that helped a lot because the battery life is not among the best in class
  • Lacking mic port – many vloggers would hate it because of that
  • Grip – the small size is not always an advantage and we found it a bit hard to handle in some cases

To find out more about this gorgeous MFT street photography camera check the full list of Panasonic Lumix GX9 specifications and review and take a look at the street photography photos we managed to capture with it.

PS: Here is a very nice photo bag that we found for our GX9 and we are quite pleased with it for the last couple of months:

Rivacase 7450 camera bag – used for the Lumix GX9, spare battery, small tripod and lens

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