Taking pictures of cats on the streets is one of our favorite activities

Here at BANDA Photo and Digital we love street photography and that is why we aim to do as many sessions as possible, even if we didn’t intend to do so.

Last month we managed to capture couple of beautiful cats playing on the streets of Vidin, Bulgaria. As far as we knew, they were adopted by a nearby restaurant and were just “released” to capture the nice winter sun.

To our modest opinion, we managed to get some pretty decent shots. Here are the ones we liked the most:

We hope you like our photos of those little friends having a good time outdoors.

BANDA Photo – street session in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We would be also very happy to see any of your street photography shots, or in case you have any comments or recommendations to us.

You can learn more about visiting Vidin at SVEYO Places.

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