A weekend street photography session in Vidin, Bulgaria by BANDA Photo

It was surprisingly warm this weekend so we took our gear for a walk, it was time for a weekend BANDA Photo session.

This time we are in Vidin, Bulgaria. It is a relatively small town on the bank of the Danube river with population of around 50 thousand people.

Baba Vida castle
Baba Vida castle in Vidin, Bulgaria
Vidin Synagogue
The old Vidin Synagogue waiting to be restored

There are plenty objects to capture in Vidin region though. To start with the popular Baba Vida fortress (or shall we say castle) and go through the interesting street architecture, a mix of new and old.

Visiting Vidin, Bulgaria

Here are few of the nice shots we got around the city park located near the river (unedited gallery):

Here is where we would recommend you to focus your time if your are in Vidn just for a quick walk and you have limited time:

  • The city park near the Danube
  • Baba Vida fortress (also in the city park)
  • The Vidin Synagogue
  • St. Dimitar church – the second biggest in Bulgaria
  • Krastata Kazarma, located in Kaleto area
  • The Epigraphic center, located next to Baba Vida fortress

There is much more to see in the beautiful town of Vidin. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to learn more about this interesting place in Bulgaria.

Winter street photography from Bulgaria

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